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Akdeniz için Birlik Sekretaryası’nda Ücretli Staj Fırsatını Kaçırmayın! (Barselona)

Akdeniz İçin Birlik Sekretaryası 2021 yılı için stajyer çağrısı yayınlamıştır. Staj yeri Barselona olup, süresi en fazla 6 aydır. Sekretarya tarafından stajyerlere aylık €550 ödeme yapılmaktadır.

Call for expression of interest: UfMS internships 2021

The Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) is an intergovernmental Euro-Mediterranean organization which brings together all 28 countries of the European Union and 15 countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean. It aims at increasing the potential for regional integration and cohesion among Euro-Mediterranean countries.

In order to reach these objectives, the UfMS has been developing an Internship Programme and is launching a call for expression of interest of qualified candidates from UfMS member states for Internships in 2021.

The UfMS internships 2021 indicative programme
Two vacancies of maximum six months each per Division/Area/Department are usually opened for the budgetary year.

During the pandemic of covid-19, incorporation of selected interns might be delayed and/or limited following the public health situation and related restrictions.

The UfMS reviews on regular basis internship applications in order to fill in the vacancies for the following:
Divisions/Areas/Departments which you can apply for:

  • Social and Civil Affairs (SCA)
  • Higher Education and Research (HER)
  • Business Development and Employment (BDE)
  • Energy and Climate Action (ECA)
  • Water, Environment and Blue Economy (WEBE)
  • Transport and Urban Development (TUD)
  • Directorate of Operations and Partnerships (DOP)
  • Cabinet
  • Communication and Public Affairs
  • Tourism
  • Migration
  • Administration(1)

Completed applications can be submitted throughout the year. Recruitment process will be conducted according to the availabilities of the divisions/departments/units.
The internships last 6 months and starting dates are decided by UfMS taking into account the selected intern university constraints, UfM work organization policy during the current covid-19 pandemic as well as the concerned Division´s/Department´s availability.

During the internship period, the intern shall reside in Barcelona- Spain where the UfMS has its official headquarters during the internship. As for the COVID-19 related restrictions, the UfM Secretariat implements all required health and safety measures and ensures compliance with public health directives, government regulations, and travel bans.
Due to the exceptional circumstances of covid-19 pandemic, interns’ incorporation procedure might take longer than usual: i.e. individuals who need a VISA may experience longer process.

General Requirement

Under 30 years of age.

Recent graduates or students from a recognized university with, at least, two years of studies.

Good command of English, both orally and in writing. Knowledge of French, Spanish and/or Arabic is an asset.


Interns receive a monthly allowance of €550


The internship duration is 6 months. Please note that we divide our internship Programme in two periods (check call for expression of interest for internships)

For more information and application please click here. 


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