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Avrupa Birliği-Brüksel 5. Konferansı: Suriye’nin ve Bölgenin Geleceğini Desteklemek

Avrupa Birliği, 29-30 Mart 2021 tarihlerinde “Suriye’nin ve bölgenin geleceğini desteklemek” konulu beşinci Brüksel Konferansına ev sahipliği yapacak.

15 March will mark the 10th anniversary of the Syrian uprising. The conflict still ongoing, the situation in Syria and the region remains highly critical, with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic and the deterioration of the economies across the region over the last year further exacerbating the dire humanitarian situation inside Syria and the conditions for Syrian refugees and their host communities in neighbouring countries.

The Brussels Conferences have over the years become an opportunity to reassert the international community’s continued support to the UN and the UN Special Envoy’s efforts for a negotiated political solution to the Syrian conflict in line with UN Security Council Resolution 2254. They also serve to mobilise necessary financial support to meet needs of Syrians and their host communities, as well as to pursue and deepen dialogue with civil society.

On 29 March, the Day of Dialogue will allow to pursue dialogue between civil society, refugee-hosting countries, the EU and the UN. Other Syria-related conference side events will take place the week before. The Ministerial Conference will take place on 30 March.

The European Union will continue mobilising all the tools at its disposal in support of the Syrian people, to finally reach a negotiated political solution and help create the conditions for a brighter future for all Syrians.

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