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Call for Proposals: Training Courses

Call for Proposals


Contracting Authority Stitching SPARK
Service Type Training Courses
Areas of Implementation Vocational Skills training
Objective of the Service Provide employability training to SPARK students and graduates.
Target Details below
Duration 1 July 2021 – 31 October 2022



In the context of providing students with access to employment opportunities and increasing their chances of employment by equipping them with skills and knowledge they need to reach out to potential employers, SPARK is intending to contract with an experienced organization to offer training courses for students in their senior years and freshman graduates.

Description of Service

The contracted organization will provide 15 training courses to 300 beneficiaries. The courses are intended to cover advanced key topics and skillsets that are needed in today’s job market as well as skillsets that are oriented towards the use of specific majors. The topics to be covered in the trainings are:

  • Drawing and design using AutoCAD software.
  • Project management using the Microsoft Project software.
  • Accounting and the use of popular accounting software applications for handling daily operations.
  • Data analysis and the use of data to generate information and make decisions.
  • Microsoft Office suite of productivity software applications.
  • Web design using WordPress for creating and managing professional websites.
  • Graphic design for print and the web.
  • IT Professional skills for controlling and managing IT infrastructure.

The learning objectives of each course can be found in the table below:

# Course Learning Objectives
1 Advanced Autodesk AutoCAD Students/graduates will learn about the advanced concepts and skills of the AutoCAD software. The course will include a quick recap of such concepts as creating objects and shapes, lines, the coordinates system, filters, and layers. Students will then learn about advanced concepts including: working with blocks, creating and using attributed blocks, parametric drawing, dynamic blocks, external references, and templates. Students will then use that knowledge to create drawings and modify them and learn about different drawing tools. The course will be oriented towards the uses of architecture and construction. This course is hands-on, with plenty of practical exercises and a project.


2 Advanced Microsoft Project Students/graduates will learn about using the Microsoft Project application to plan and execute projects that are on time, within budget, and with great quality. In this course, students will learn about the advanced topics of MS Project with a quick recap of the basics (tasks, task timing, resources and resource allocation, task dependencies, and the GANTT chart). The course will cover such advanced topics as schedules and scheduling, working with views, project plans and work formulas. The course will be oriented towards the uses of the targeted beneficiaries that will attend it (e.g., for the uses of architects and/or civil engineers). This course is hands-on, with plenty of practical exercises and a project. Students will also work on a real project from beginning to the end.


3 Accounting, with an Accounting Information System Students/graduates will learn advanced accounting, bookkeeping and financial planning and management skills. The course will cover a variety of topics related with running a business and controlling its operations with a software application; the topics will include: Sales, Accounting, Purchasing/Procurement, Inventory and HR and Payroll, and how to setup, configure and manage those areas. Students will also be taught how to use a popular software application that helps with small business management such as QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, or Mikro Yazılım. This course is hands-on, with plenty of practical exercises and a project.


4 Data Analytics This is an advanced data analysis course that builds on existing knowledge of data science and statistics knowledge. Students/graduates will learn about the importance of data analysis and its applications in different sectors. The students will learn how to identify the needed data, how to clean and interpret data, and how to generate information and knowledge through statistical analysis techniques. Finally, the students will learn how to report the information they generate. The students will learn how to utilize popular data analysis and visualization tools such as Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerBI. This course is hands-on, with plenty of practical exercises and a project.


5 Advanced Microsoft Office Students/graduates will learn how to use the Microsoft Office suite of applications. The course will include a quick recap of basic MS Office skills such as using the Microsoft Word text processing application, text formatting and styling, and page structuring and layout, and using Microsoft PowerPoint to create impressive slideshows, with animations, transitions, and designs. The course will also cover the use of Microsoft Excel with such topics as basic and advanced formulas, tables, pivot tables and data formatting. This course is hands-on, with plenty of practical exercises and a project.


6 Web Design with WordPress Students/graduates will learn how to create a website using WordPress and maintain it. This course will cover basic concepts in WordPress such as installation and hosting, creating posts and pages, categories and tags, and blocks. The course will also cover advanced topics such as building customized blocks, popular and useful WordPress plugins, WordPress security and security plugins, installation and customization of themes, site management, and WordPress SEO. The course will be project-based, and students are expected to create advanced operational websites by the end of the course.


7 Graphic Design A- Raster based Students/graduates will learn how to use the Adobe Creative Cloud suite of applications (Photoshop, and InDesign) to produce advanced graphic designs for print and the web. The course will cover a quick recap of the fundamentals of the CC applications and how they’re used. The course will then dive into advanced topics of graphic design such as Raster design, templates, coloration and layers. The course will be project-based, and students are expected to learn how to produce various types of designs such as corporate identity designs (logos, stationery, etc.), posters and advertisement brochures. The course will also cover how students can build their portfolio and start a graphic design career.


8 Graphic Design B- Vectors based Students/graduates will learn how to use CorelDRAW app in addition to Corel Graphics Suite (CoreldRAW, PowerTRACE, Corel PHOTO-PAINT, and Corel Font Manager) to create HD vector designs and export them to CAD friendly applications with a suitable extensions such as TIFF, PNG, JPEG, etc. Graduates of the course will master design preparation phase for various professions that requires non-pixel designs used in Textile graphic design, CNC 2D and 3D graphic design, Base form of CAD applications, and advertisement sector.


9 IT Professional Skills Students/graduates will learn advanced skills that will enable them to work as professional IT personnel in IT departments. The skills that this course will cover include: computer hardware and maintenance, computer software installation and configuration, network setup and configuration, server hardware installation and management, server administration (server maintenance, OS configuration, access control and virtualization), server security and troubleshooting, setting up and maintaining a cloud-based server and managing cloud resources.



3 Criteria for Submitting a Bid

We are looking for service providers who:

  1. Have a reasonable experience in the fields of providing professional training courses.
  2. Have a vibrant team that is able to operate in an agile and innovative manner.
  3. Have added values.
  4. Deliver tangible and efficient results.
  5. Can efficiently budget and contribute to the success of the activities.
  6. Ensure visibility and branding for the activities.


Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be legally registered and have actual operations in Turkey.
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation/ management/ implementation of the project, i.e., not act as an intermediary.
  • Be experienced in the field of vocational Skills training and able to show that they have the capacity needed to manage the activities on the scale of the project in question.
  • Be financially sound and financial continuity throughout the project.
  • Be able to offer required services in an online modality.
  • Be able to issue a legal invoice to SPARK. (please note that no advanced payment will be made)

Applicants must submit a bid on their own being the mere implementing body.

4 Other Terms

  • The duration of each course should be 60-80 hours, and should not take more than 8 weeks to complete. Each course should have a maximum of 20 students.
  • The training should be ready to be provided in two languages, Arabic and Turkish based on participants’ preferences.
  • Content visibility should be according to project’s communications guidelines.
  • The partner will be responsible for reaching out to beneficiaries and determining their course preferences.
  • Graduates should receive certification of completion from credible organizations at the end of the training. It’s preferable that participants are trained for industry-standard certificates wherever possible (such as Microsoft Certifications, Certified Management Accountant, and CompTIA certifications).
  • The training service is expected to be delivered in a collaborative manner. The SPARK team will be involved in all steps of the training activities, providing support, guidance and advice on beneficiary selection, trainer selection and curriculum contents, etc.

5 Proposal Details

  • Narrative description of the offer including price in EURO (max. 5 A4 pages in English) using SPARK’s template.

The following annexes should be included in the application:

  • SPARK’s templates:
        •  Applicant’s information.
        •  Activity timeframe.
  • A portfolio of the applying agency in the field of professional training services.
  • A sample of nominated coaches and mentors’ CVs (2 or 3 trainers).
  • Legal registration information in Turkey.


M&E tools and evaluation forms will be designed by SPARK.


Please note that due to the current situation of taking precautionary measures against the COVID-19, applicants should have the ability to offer required services online.

Interested applicants may contact SPARK to receive the templates. Please note that shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit due diligence documents for the selection process. Finalizing the selection might take from 4-6 weeks.

Application Closing Date: 29 June 2021

If you have any questions and/or to submit your letter of interest, please contact SPARK, via email:

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