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Consultation on Social Work and Protection Terms of ReferENce

Consultation on Social Work and Protection

Terms of ReferENce

General information



Dünya Doktorları Derneği (Doctors of the World/Médecins du Monde – Turkey) is a Turkey-based humanitarian non-governmental organization that facilitates access to healthcare for populations affected by armed conflict, violence, natural disasters, disease, famine, poverty, and exclusion.

DDD has been implementing a health-based protection project since September 2021 in three different locations; İstanbul, İzmir and Manisa. The primary aim of this project is to focus on specific issues of the most vulnerable groups to address the critical gaps and needs in health and protection services. By implementing this project, DDD aims to strengthen national institutions and their policies in the long term as well as bridging humanitarian assistance and state/development actors’ capacity for social protection services. The project is being financed by The Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM) within the period 1 September 2021 – 31 August 2022. A part of the essential activities may be listed as follows:


  • Awareness raising sessions on rights and services (Protection & Health).
  • Semi-structured psychosocial support.
  • Health-orientated case management
  • Primary health care to seasonal workers
  • Sexual and reproductive health care services


Purpose of the announcement

Dunya Doktorları Dernegi (DDD) is searching for a qualified expert/consultant with specific knowledge and expertise in a sociology, irregular migration, NGOs work and coordination, available services, advocacy measures and who is familiar with the problems experienced by refugees or irregular migrants living in Turkey, regardless of whether they are registered or unregistered.

With support of the consultant the following will be arranged:

  • Arrange a workshop for the stakeholders.
  • Capacity Building for Medical Mobile Teams with different backgrounds.
  • Supervision on the case management process.


It’s expected to organize a 2-day workshop for field team members and follow up on the supervision sessions with the teams in all project sites (Istanbul and Izmir covering Manisa), who work directly with refugees to increase staff’s knowledge, attitude, and skills of the workforce for enhancing the abilities to achieve the short-term and long-term goals on organizational as well as personal levels.


General Objectives and activities

Purpose of the Workshop:

This workshop will focus on the problems experienced by all refugees living in Turkey, regardless of whether they are registered or unregistered, in accessing the fundamental rights defined within the scope of Universal Human Rights Principles and will especially focus on the problems experienced in accessing women and children, who are among the most vulnerable groups of the refugee population, specifically with a focus on the right to health.


Objective of the Workshop:

Within the scope of the workshop, revealing the obstacles in front of women and children’s access to the right to health, how to develop inter-institutional cooperation models to eliminate the identified obstacles, strengthening the capacities of institutions and developing new tools to increase the intervention power of both public and non-governmental organizations and policy was created.


Workshop will be focused on the following priorities:

  • Establishing international and national legal guarantees that guarantee the access of refugee women and children to the right to health.
  • Identifying the source of the problems experienced in accessing the right to health.
  • Identifying the administrative/professional problems faced by health workers.
  • Inter-institutional cooperation and putting forward solution proposals.


Workshop Plan should include the following actors:

The highlights from the Turkish State Legal System.

The highlights from the Turkish State Healthcare System.

The highlights from the Turkish State Social System.



  • Bachelor’s degree in? (required)
  • Master’s degree in? (desired)
  • Legally registered as consultant with ability to provide invoice(s)
  • Field experience in GBV, CP, Addiction in emergencies with knowledge of the safe healing and learning spaces (SHLS) approach, social behavior change communication (SBCC) for protection programs and building staff capacity.
  • Knowledge of use of and training staff on the use of CPIMS and GBVIMS.
  • Prior experience in a non-governmental organization (NGO), government agency or related industry experience.
  • Sensitivity to cultural diversity and understanding of the political, contextual, and ethical issues in assigned area.
  • Knowledge of standard protection approaches, social work, humanitarian principles and best practices.
  • Knowledge of the available services and referral mechanism between all stakeholders and best practices.
  • Expertise in humanitarian programming and implementation.
  • Consultancy experience with similar organizations


how to apply:

Interested consultants are requested to send the following:

  • Resume
  • Certificate(s).
  • Financial proposal.
  • Work plan and timeline.
  • Registration, and any other related documents.


to, submission deadline is 04-10-2022 6 PM Turkey time.

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