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Ecolog International

Ecolog is a global provider of integrated services and sustainable solutions. We operate across multiple sectors and environments, including some of the world’s most remote and challenging locations.

Established over two decades ago, Ecolog started providing support for humanitarian missions during the crisis in the Balkans and began operating internationally in 2002. Over the years, we extended our service offering to meet the evolving needs of our clients and expanded our operations to support them every day and everywhere.

Today, with a footprint in over 40 countries, our service portfolio includes life support, supply chain management, construction, engineering, healthcare and environmental services tailored to the needs of our clients and designed to fuel their growth and productivity.

Driven by the passion to assist people in harsh conditions, our extensive experience in providing emergency response solutions, managing crisis logistics, as well as life-critical operations makes Ecolog the partner of choice for Humanitarian and International Development Organizations.


We are proud to be recognized as a market leader serving a diverse range of international customers, including but not limited to the EU (EUFOR), United Nations, UNOPS, WHO, UNHCR, UNICEF, Red Cross, WFP, many of the most prominent NGOs, and Government Development Organizations such as the US, Germany, UK, France, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Iraq, UAE, and Türkiye. In addition, we have partnered with many of the leading multinational private corporations, and we remain committed to delivering the highest level of service to all our valued clients.


Ecolog supports aid and relief organizations through its expertise in supply chain management, offering support services and environmental services, and providing essential medical and infrastructure support during emergencies. We are committed to delivering essential goods and equipment promptly, reducing environmental impact, and helping organizations provide critical services to those in need.

Supported Sectors


Food Security



Shelter & NFI

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene

Camp Coordination and Management

Our capabilities include:

• Temporary Shelter Solutions & NFI

• Modular Accommodation & Sanitation Units

• Mobile Toilets, Showers and Wash-stations

• Potable Water Solutions including Treatment

and Distribution

• Environmental Services: Solid and Liquid Waste

Collection and Treatment

• Power Generation

• Collective and Individual Feeding Solutions

• Integrated Camp Management

• Healthcare Services



Our robust state-of-the-art supply chain management system bridges the gap from the source to the client’s site, including last mile distribution.

We provide a complete range, including essentials such as water, food, non-food items, fuel, and consumables. In addition, we offer warehousing & distribution, material handling and fleet services.

Supply Chain Services include:


• Warehousing and Distribution

• Material Handling Services and

Fleet Management

• Water and Food Supply

• Multi-Modal Transport

• Fuel and Energy Supply


Procurement and Delivery of products for

Aid & Relief

• Supply of Emergency items

(Food and Non-Food)

• Assembly and Distribution of Individual,

Family and Community Food-Parcels

• Delivery of High Nutritional Food items

• Supply of Specialized items for Vulnerable

Groups (Babies, Elderly People)

• Supply of Emergency Hygiene and Non-Food

items, including pre-assembled Kits

• Supply and distribution of Fuels



Consistency, Safety, and Reliability are some of the many reasons clients trust Ecolog to provide quality, cost-effective support solutions.

Over the past two decades, we have been providing best-in-class catering, facility management, cleaning, and laundry services, even in some of the most remote sites and locations.

Support Services Include:

  • Catering and Food Services
  • Hard and Soft Facility Management
  • Laundry
  • Man-Power Provision
  • Cleaning
  • Pest Control


From project planning to final handover, no project is too remote or complex. Our team of in-house engineering and construction experts develop comprehensive solutions based on your specifications.

We design and build using the highest standards to ensure your facility operates sustainably and efficiently.

Engineering & Construction Services Include:

  • Engineering and Design
  • Construction
  • Prefabricated Facilities Build/Own/Operate or B/O/O/Transfer
  • Project Management
  • Major infrastructure

Camp Establishment and Operations Services

Ecolog has developed a comprehensive set of services to support refugee accommodation and life support operations in Europe since 2015, beginning with the Syrian refugee crisis. Our solution design is based on our extensive experience providing camp construction and operation services on hundreds of camps across the globe.

We can offer multiple camp construction options including:

  • Containerized or modular buildings
  • Wood construction
  • Tents for accommodation & Multipurpose tents with various sizes



Governments and multinational organizations around the world trust our comprehensive healthcare services. With the COVID-19 pandemic, we developed a solution to help public and private sectors combat this global emergency. Today our product line has evolved into customized healthcare solutions available in some of the world’s most remote locations as well.

Healthcare Services Include:

  • Vaccination Services
  • Screening and Diagnostics
  • Medical Staffing
  • Medical Supply Chain
  • Occupational Health Services
  • Mobile and Fixed Clinics



Ecolog is a world-class provider of comprehensive trash removal, recycling and environmentally safe waste management solutions. We provide an extensive range of custom-designed and

sustainable environmental remediation service solutions, seeking to eliminate environmental health risks and enable cleaner and safer environments for the communities we serve.

Environmental Services include:

  • Water Provision and Purification
  • Waste Water Services
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Municipal Environmental Services


Quality and Safety

Ecolog is certified with the following ISO management systems:

  • ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System
  • ISO 22000: 2005 Food Safety Management System
  • ISO 27001: 2013 Information Security Management System
  • ISO 14001: 2015 Environmental Management Systems
  • ISO 45001: 2018 Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series


Commitment to Community Development

  • Ecolog recruits 90%+ of the total workforce from the communities in which we operate.
  • Ecolog’s “Skills for Life” program trains our local workforce.
  • We expand the knowledge base and help the region achieve self-sufficiency.
  • We contribute to our client’s objective to engage qualified national staff in capacity development program.
  • Our Procurement Policies give preference to procurement of goods from Local and Regional Communities.
  • We work to develop the capabilities of local suppliers to increase capacity, quality of produce and access to other national and international markets.
  • Ecolog channels investments into local community initiatives including local education, training and research and charitable initiatives.

For more information: Ecolog-International




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