Cuma, Aralık 4, 2020

External consultant for “Adaptation to Turkish Business Environment Training”


External consultant for “Adaptation to Turkish Business Environment Training”

Name and title of the requester: Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development Association

Date: 04.12.2020

Deadline for Submission of Proposals: 7 December 2020, 18:00 pm Turkey Time

Location: Remote/Online Training

  1. Introduction

ISSDA is looking for a Trainer(s) to deliver the 4-5 Day “Adaptation to Turkish Business Environment Training Series”. The training will be provided in Arabic to refugee and migrant youth aged between 20-29 years old in Turkey.

  1. About Gelecek Daha Net and Embark Project

Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development Association (ISSDA) has been operating Future is Brighter (Gelecek Daha Net) Youth Platform for over 10 years. GDN is the main program of ISSDA to implement youth empowerment projects. GDN (Future Is Brighter) is an online and offline vocational orientation platform that provides innovative tools for youth aged 15-29 to guide and equip them to become self-determined individuals. Services vary from online mentoring, coaching, training, surveys and videos to offline workshops, youth camps, etc.

The Embark project has been conducted by Gelecek Daha Net since 2018 and it aims to integrate talented and qualified young refugees and host community members into the Turkish economy and community by connecting them with business leaders and host community youth through its training, reverse mentoring and bootcamp components. The program activities help participants make valuable connections, increase their employability, gain confidence, and learn new soft skills, develop career plans and receive support for personal growth.

More information about the Embark Project:

  1. Purpose and Coverage

The main aim of this consultancy is to prepare and deliver the 4 day online training in close coordination and consultation with the Embark Project Lead as detailed below.

Scope of work

The overall objective of these training series will be to provide necessary knowledge regarding legal and basic rights, increase awareness on existing support mechanisms for employees especially during Covid-19 outbreak provided by the government. The training will be developed in coordination and in consultation with the Embark Program Director.  The curriculum will be developed jointly by the selected consultant experts and Embark Program Director.

The training hours will be flexible to be implemented after regular working hours or during the weekend and will be provided in Arabic to increase especially the number of female beneficiaries and overall participation.


  • Financial support mechanisms and rights of employees during COVID-19
  • Communication Ways at workplace
  • Differences in expectations between Syrian, Turkish and European Cultures
  • Basic Human rights
  • Turkish Labour Law (Rights and Liabilities)
  • Safety and Security in the workplace
  • Harassment, Discrimination, Mobbing at workplace


The training will be divided into 4 days and each day will host 1-2 topics mentioned above within 3 hours.

The scope of work may need to be updated according to the request and requirements of the project. All the necessary primary data required at the design stage and in the proposal will be provided by the Embark Program Director. However, the consultant will be required to support with secondary data as much as possible.

The expected outcome: The preparation and the delivery of the training series.

  1. Duration and time frame

The consultancy is expected to last for a max of 10, negotiable (to be finally concluded after having received the consultant’s budget and offer) and divided as follows:

Preparing the content

Delivery of the training

The consultancy is expected to start mid December, submission deadline is 7 December 2020, 18:00 PM Turkey time

  1. Consultancy Competencies, Experience and Skill Requirements
  • University Education in relevant field
  • A minimum of five (5) years of relevant experience related to humanitarian aid and development projects in training design and delivery
  • Sound experience in coordinating and delivering trainings with especially refugee youth
  • Previous experience in the context of Turkey and Syria refugee response will be considered as an asset
  • Fluency in Arabic and English or Turkish (Translations may be adopted to the online training)
  1. Offer Requirements:
  • Detailed proposal covering the methodology and preparation of the training
  • Financial Offer
  • CV (s) of the Consultant/Experts outlining previous experience

Submission of  detailed proposals and offers should be sent via email to

For any questions and inquiries, please contact Nuha Boga, Program Director from before 5 December 2020 18:00 PM Turkey time.