Pazar, Nisan 21, 2024

Invitation to Bid: Medical Consumables

Invitation to Bid

SRD Sosyal Refah Dernegi

Tender NO: 24032503 Medical Consumables.

SRD Sosyal Refah Dernegi would like to invite you to participate in the Medical Consumables Tender by sharing with us your Company legal documents ( vergi levhası, faaliyet belgesi…etc), previous experience, and Financial offer.

– If you are eligible to participate in the medicines supply process please visit the following attached link:

– All offers will be issued in US Dollars but the payment will be in Turkish Lira at the exchange rate of VAKIF Katilim bank on the invoice date ONLY (we can’t accept any offer in any other Currency).

– Completed quotation should contain the following components:

– Signed and stamped filled RFQ. (Use our form provided) IS A MUST.

– Signed and stamped filled Excel Annex.

– Expiry Date not less than 1 year.

– The deadline is the 21st of April 2024 at 23.59 Turkey Time.

– The supplier is responsible for delivering the order to SRD inside Syria in the Azaz warehouse, all costs and paperwork are the supplier’s responsibility.

– If any item requires special storage conditions, the supplier is responsible for maintaining these conditions until the delivery point

– Offers must be sent to the following email address:

– Any offer sent to any other SRD email will be rejected.

– For any more details please send your questions to the following email address:

Best Wishes.