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Mid-term Evaluation: “From Innovation to Creation” Programme 

Mid-term Evaluation

“From Innovation to Creation” Programme 

Request for Proposal

Terms of Reference



Programme Information


Title Innovation that scale the start-up ecosystem in Mediterranean countries
Region Middle East and North Africa
Countries Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, Tunisia
Theme(s) Capacity building, start-up, scale-up, advocacy
Target group(s) Innovation support organizations, innovative start-ups
Duration 01-02-2022 – 31-01-2026
Donor(s) European Commission
Date of opening the tender 21 March 2024
Last date for tender submission 17 April 2024
Last date for issuing clarification 15 April 2024
Lead implementer SPARK
Application method Email to


Contracting authority – SPARK

SPARK supports higher education and entrepreneurship to empower young, ambitious people to lead their fragile and conflict-affected societies into prosperity. SPARK is a dynamic and growing, international not-for-profit development organisation with 100+ staff members, in more than 14 offices around the world.

SPARK creates pathways that give youth the tools they need to succeed in regions affected by conflict, climate crisis, and displacement. New ways to empower students and entrepreneurs to study, work and grow their own businesses.


 Schedule & Deadline for Submission


The deadline for submission of the offer is 5:00 p.m. (local time) on 17 April, 2024. Late offers will not be accepted.

Activity Date
Request for Proposal 21 March, 2024
Deadline for request for any clarifications from SPARK 8 April, 2024
Last date on which clarifications are issued by SPARK 15 April, 2024
Deadline for submission of Proposal (receiving date, not sending date) 17 April 2024
Notification of award to the successful bidder 24 April, 2024
Award Contract TBC


Selection Criteria:


SPARK is committed to conducting a fair and transparent proposal process and ensuring that all bidders are treated and evaluated equally throughout the proposal process. Bidder responses will be weighted into four categories: Essential Criteria, Capability Criteria, and Commercial Criteria.


  1. Essential Criteria
  • Possess legitimate business premises.
  • Registered for trading and tax.
  • Not a banned party or on any government blacklists.


  1. Capability Criteria (60%) (Any technical proposal scoring less than 3 out of 5 points will

be automatically disqualified from the competition.)


  • Technical Proposal (30%)
  • Knowledge of the startup ecosystem (5%)
  • Previous experience in programme evaluations (15%)
  • Service time-lead (10%)


  1. Commercial Criteria (40%)
  • Financial proposal (40%)


Application for the mid-term Programme Evaluation


The deadline for submission of applications is 17 April 2024.


All applications should include the following:


  • Cover letter (maximum 1 page), confirming the candidate(s) availability during the duration of this evaluation, as mentioned above;
  • CVs of all evaluation team members, including three references with contact details;
  • Three letters of recommendation from past clients in similar projects;
  • Technical proposal, which should clarify explicitly the following:
    • Candidate(s) understanding of the evaluation’s ToR
    • Preliminary methodology/work plan
    • Financial Proposal in EUR, which should include consultancy fees that include VAT and any other applicable fees and taxes and international and in-country travel and accommodation costs, with a breakdown of days*fees per deliverable;
    • The company registration certificate or business license;
    • Tax clearance letter.


Interested consultants or firms should submit their applications to:


Further information may be requested, and questions may also be discussed with SPARK by sending an email to


Please note that incomplete applications will not be considered. Due to the large volume of applications we receive, we cannot respond to every applicant individually. There may be a delay between the application deadline and the moment we contact selected applicants.

If you have not received a reply, we regret to inform you that we have continued with other applicants.


Please click on the link below to access full procurement notice:

SPARK – Mid-term Evaluation Terms of Reference_v1