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Terms of Reference (ToR) for Livelihoods Research in Adıyaman

Terms of Reference (ToR) for Livelihoods Research in Adıyaman

  1. Solidar Suisse

The Humanitarian Aid Department of Solidar Suisse aims to save lives and alleviate the suffering of people affected by natural disasters, armed conflicts, and wars. Our interventions include short-term disaster relief, rehabilitation & reconstruction, livelihood restoration, and disaster risk reduction. To ensure that the assistance reaches the most vulnerable and matches the priority needs, our teams carefully consult those affected, in close collaboration with local authorities and local partner organizations. As a signatory of the Code of Conduct for the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement and NGOs in Disaster Relief, Solidar Suisse commits to provide principled humanitarian action, which implies that we deliver humanitarian action impartially and independently. We coordinate our assistance with relevant actors on the ground.

  1. Background

Solidar Suisse will lead the implementation of a pilot project on the early recovery-restoring livelihoods in Adıyaman. The project aims to help the rural communities affected by the earthquake restore their livelihoods. The project will be carried out through community-level interventions and implementation in the rural area of Adıyaman through the distribution of livelihoods cash grants to 40 life-sustaining project participants. In this regard, special emphasis will be given to women-led households with a focus on life-sustaining projects that were heavily damaged by the devastating earthquakes in February 2023. In addition to life-sustaining projects, the project will also support small grants to start-up innovation in agriculture, livestock, and natural resources, including revival of the knowledge and practice in the rural area of Adıyaman. The selected communities will have access to knowledge management outputs from coaching/mentoring learning initiatives. The project will lead to synergies across the value chain as well as sustainability and self-reliance.

  1. Objective

Solidar Suisse is looking for an experienced researcher(s) to conduct research to examine the earthquakes’ impact on livelihoods, with a focus on gender, psychosocial, socioeconomic, sustainability, inclusion, and the potential adoption of a nexus approach through prioritizing a community-oriented approach, encompassing a balanced mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to comprehensively address the multifaceted aspects in Adıyaman. The overall assignment is to lead in designing methodologies, and questionnaires, conducting necessary assessments, and research, in line with procedures laid down with the Solidar Suisse intervention strategy. The researcher(s) will work closely with the Solidar Suisse Turkey & Syria Field Coordinator, Desk Officer, and Solidar Suisse’s local implementing partner organization in Adıyaman in designing and developing the research study.

The researcher(s) will report to the Solidar Suisse Turkey & Syria Field Coordinator and Desk Officer on a day-to-day basis and will prepare a work plan for the assignment including reporting requirements, and progress timeline.

  1. Scope of Assignment

The scope of the assignment is to

  • Design methodologies in collaboration with Solidar Suisse Turkey Mission. The study should follow a methodology that is recognized in academia and supported by research papers published in high-impact journals. The research study should be compatible with the highest economic recovery models,
  • Prepare questionnaires with a focus on gender, psychosocial, socioeconomic, sustainability, inclusion, and the potential adoption of a nexus approach,
  • Conduct an assessment for an in-depth understanding of the impact of earthquakes on economic recovery and livelihoods,
  • Suggest recommendations for strengthening Solidar Suisse’s intervention logic in economic recovery,
  • Organize workshops to present the key findings of the assessments to Solidar Suisse Turkey Mission and local partner organizations,
  • Draw a roadmap for disseminating actionable adaptation and mitigation and measures to minimize the impact of the earthquake on the livelihoods and economic recovery in Adıyaman.


  1. Deliverables and time

The researcher(s) will work for 3 consecutive weeks. While one week with the preliminary research to finalize identifying the research methodology and designing templates, and questionnaires, the second week to conducting assessment/research on site, and the third week to reporting key findings, submitting a final report, and organizing a workshop.

  1. Two major deliverables.
  • Research Study Report on “Impact of the earthquake on economic recovery with a special reference to gender, inclusion, and psychological impact” with the following considerations:
  • Short term vs long-term economic effects post-earthquake,
  • How earthquakes affect economic recovery differently in rural areas,
  • The role of cultural practices and beliefs in economic recovery
  • Research Study Report “Impact of the earthquake on agriculture, livestock, and natural resources among micro and medium enterprises in Adıyaman” with the following considerations:
  • The role of international aid, NGOs, and multilateral agencies in economic recovery,
  • Access to financial aids, tax reliefs, or other incentives,
  • Impact on employment in these sectors following the earthquake.
  1. All the reports submitted should also include a list of people interviewed, a list of villages visited, workshop participants, photographs, necessary annexes, a list of references,


  1. Copyright and Intellectual Property

In consideration of the fees paid, the consultant expressly assigns to Solidar Suisse copyright arising from the outputs produced by the researcher(s) while executing the contract. The researcher(s) may not use, reproduce, disseminate, or authorize others to use, reproduce, and disseminate such works without prior consent from Solidar Suisse.

Essential/Core competencies for the consultancy assignment.

  • MS degree in social sciences and relevant disciplines,
  • Over 10 years of working experience in research within humanitarian settings,
  • Should have various number of published papers related to the subject in the reputed journals,
  • Should have undertaken various projects on similar topics,
  • Should have outstanding writing skills, particularly writing research studies,
  • Should have extensive experience in reviewing related literature, researching technical topics on livelihoods, emergency response and humanitarian settings,
  • Should have the ability to analyze, compile, and synthesize information in coherent and succinct formats.

Interested parties shall submit their CVs along with a technical and financial offer to Mahmut Sansarkan at mahmut.sansarkan@solidar.ch


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