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Invitation to Bid for Provision of Hygiene Kits

CARE International in Turkey is a non-profit, non-governmental organization that has been operating in Gaziantep, Turkey since 2013, providing much needed aid and support to the Syrian refugee population, through funds provided by various government and other donors. CARE International in Turkey has been providing emergency relief assistance (Food or Non-Food Commodities) to the Syrian refugee population over the past 3/4 years procuring from Turkey. CARE Turkey now solicits invitations from reputable vendors/suppliers who are able to supply 8100 Hygiene Kits. If your company is interested in supplying of these kits please read the Terms and Conditions outlined in Part-I below.

In addition to the above, please complete the attached Price Schedules (Part-II) which should be submitted to CARE International in Turkey office no later than 17:00 hrs. 25. June.2019.  This Part-II (Price Schedule) should be signed by the concerned and delivered in a sealed envelope to the offices of CARE Turkey at the address indicated above and should be marked “Invitation for Provision of Hygiene Kits (Please refer to the kit which you bid for). Electronic submissions are not acceptable.


Part – I  Terms and Conditions

  1. All information provided in the Attached Price Schedules (Part – II) will be treated as confidential and will not be shared with any third party.
  2. The Supplier (hereinafter referred to as “Vendor”) agrees to provide/supply to CARE-Turkey through the purchase of Hygiene Kits those will be transported to inside Syria partner warehouse.
  3. CARE will issue the Supplier “Purchase Order” providing all information relevant to the supplies in the format prescribed by CARE and this will be treated as an official request from CARE.
  4. Hygiene Kits can be supplied as final unless and until it is approved and confirmed by the CARE authorized representative in writing (issuing Purchase Order), after which the Supplier can proceed with final supplying.
  5. The Supplier agrees to keep confidential, all procurement information at all times and such information cannot be shared with any third party under any circumstances, without the explicit written consent from CARE management.
  6. Any discounts on Framework Agreement that are permissible should be credited to CARE and cannot be paid to CARE personnel either in cash and/or in kind.
  7. CARE is not responsible for purchasing of personal items of CARE staff. This should be done on an individual basis and billing should be done directly to the staff concerned. CARE will not be held responsible or liable for any payment for the Hygiene Kits supplied to the concerned staff.
  8. Advance: No advance/pre-payment will be made to supplier before receiving of full quantity of Hygiene Kits as per approved Purchase Order
  9. Invoicing: The Supplier agrees to provide CARE with original invoices supported by the following:
    1. A copy of the packing list
    2. A copy (Delivery Note) of the confirmation for delivering of Hygiene Kits at Zero Point
    3. Invoice must be submitted only for the Hygiene Kits will be received in a good shape/condition.
  10. Payment: The Supplier agrees to provide a line of credit to CARE for a minimum number of thirty (30) days. However, CARE will endeavor to make full payment to the Supplier within period of (30) working days from the date of submission.
  11. VAT: VAT amount will not be considered with the unit price of Commodity as these relief assistances will be transported to inside Syria
  12. Physical Inspection: A team from CARE’s Logistics Unit and Program Department will visit supplier’s Warehouse/Store for physical inspection of Hygiene Kits before the final delivery as per the Purchase Order
  13. Inflation of Price: Supplier can indicate the rate (Percentage on Unit Price of each individual item) in the “Price Schedule” (if any).
  14. Our expectation is to order 8100 Hygiene Kits This will be subject to approval.
  15. All the prices should be in TRY.
  16. Additional Conditions:


  1. CARE reserves the right to reject any or all bids, and the lowest bidder will not necessarily be accepted or awarded the contract. Bids not meeting the requirements of this “Invitation to Bid for Supplying of Hygiene Kits” or bids not received by the deadline indicated in this Invitation, will not be accepted / considered.
  2. Each proposal shall be made without connection, knowledge, comparison of figures or arrangement with any other company, firm and/or persons submitting a proposal in response to this invitation.
  3. CARE assumes no obligation to notify unsuccessful bidders or return any proposal submitted. Only shortlisted supplier will be communicated.
  4. All proposals shall be final and are irrevocable within the time stated for acceptance of it.
  5. CARE will not be responsible for any costs incurred by the bidder related to this Invitation to Bid for Hygiene Kits.
  6. The rates quoted shall be valid for a period of 1 month and can’t be changed.
  7. The bidders should not bring samples for kits but bidders should include the clear quality and health certificates for each item and pictures and/or brand name with model name of the requested materials in same time of delivery the sealed envelopes and CARE has the right to ask samples from the shortlisted vendors.
  8. The Kits must separate in three shipments first part 5000 Kits second part 2300 Kits and third part 800 Kits. All kits could be delivered at the same time.
  9. Selection Criteria will be 50 % price and 10 % delivery time and 30 % quality and 10 % previous experience. CARE has right to reject the offers which is not matching with the technical specification without warn or inform the bidders.
  10. The vendors should inform CARE two days in advance that they will prepare the items (e.g. kits).
  11. CARE staff will check the quality of items before its packaged.
  12. Packages should be loaded on pallets and plastic wrapped with special identification number or special mark.
  13. A packing list for each pallet included and affixed on the pallet.
  14. Four sides of the pallet should be photographed.
  15. The way bill prepared should reconcile with the aggregate of all packing lists.
  16. CARE staff members will attend the loading of the pallets on the trucks.


In the event of any query relating to the tender, please email to until 19/06/2019.


Thank you for your interest!


By signing below, you confirm that the information you have provided is correct and true to the best of your knowledge.

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Price Schedules (Part-II)