Cuma, Kasım 22, 2019

Invitation to Expression of Interest by Watan Foundation in Turkey

 Invitation to Expression of Interest in registering the commercial companies in the shortlist of suppliers that will be approved by WATAN Foundation in Turkey.

WATAN Foundation announces its desire to update the list of suppliers that will be including the commercial companies in the Approved Shortlist of Suppliers for 2020. Those who wish to register their company’s name in the approved shortlist that will allow them to get tender files automatically, please see the below information.

Vendor Information
Company Full Name
The main Address Building .. Street .. District .. / Region / Governorate / Country
Name of the company owner
The owner’s phone number
The owner’s WhatsApp number
Name of company representative
Company representative phone number
Company representative WhatsApp number
Website / Facebook page (if available)
Bank info. / iBAN
Work Area
Consulting and Training Services Computer and Electronics Equipment
Translation Services Safety and Security Equipment
Printing and Media Materials Construction, Renovation and Rehabilitation Works
Stationery and Office Supplies Real Estate Broker / Warehouses Services
Kitchen and Cleaning Supplies Car Rent
General Supplies (Food and None Food) Travel and Flight Tickets Agency
Office Furniture Hotel Services and Training Rooms
Company Stamp Signature of company owner

Please note that this is not a request for quotations. This call does not oblige WATAN Foundation to issue any tender or contract to any party that responds to this invitation.

This invitation may be followed by an EOI interview and a visit to your offices, facilities and any other procedures such as registration in WATAN Foundation database in case of incomplete papers or the need for further inquiries.

The accuracy and completeness of the required information must be ascertained before the request for interest is sent by the applicant.

Completed applications with company profile will be sent by e-mail to not later by 25 Nov 2019


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