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İspanya Malaga’daki Erasmus+ Eğitim Kursu İçin Acil Katılımcılar Aranıyor

🖋️🖇️💯📌 This call is open only to the people who have ”valid visa or Turkish Green Passport” + Vaccination is required!

🌍Where: Malaga, Spain
⏳When: 14-21 March 2022
🔢Age: 20-30 years old

💯Necessaries: B2, C1, or C2 English language proficiency + Participants will be professionals experienced in this field, professionals who want to develop their knowledge in these specific topics, youth workers who are interested in or working on issues related to sport and gender equality. Also, participants who are in contact with young people in their associations or in their work, such as teachers, trainers, volunteers in organizations, etc.

💰The budget: Up to 530 Euro for travel + food + accommodation are covered
🗓️Application deadline: 20.01.2022 / 23.59

🖋️Infopack için tıklayınız
🖇️ Başvuru formu için tıklayınız

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