Salı, Ekim 15, 2019

Procurement of Mini Hygiene Kits for Women (QTY 4000 PCs) in Afrin Region


  1. Tender No: AFR07101907

 Bahar Organization (BO) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, working in the humanitarian field regardless of religion, ethnicity, or political view. Bahar is committed to the core standards for humanitarian work for organizations (SPHRE). Bahar contributes to the collective work of humanitarian response in Syria, by providing support to people affected by the conflict and reducing the burden on the shoulder of the hosting community through provisions of financial and in-kind support and laying the foundation for sustainable projects in order to increase the resilience of individuals of communities in the field of health, food security, non-food items and camps.


  1. Subject of the tender: Procurement of Mini Hygiene Kits for women (QTY 4000 PCs).


  1. Documents to be included in the company’s offer

Vendors interested in this tender, are required to submit their Sealed offers which includes:

  • Supplier capacity.
  • Financial Offer (RFQ)
  • The company’s registration doc, please add to it the supplier registration form doc.

From HERE you can download the docs

(please put your offer in three sealed separate envelopes and write the company name on it)

Also please submit a sample of the required items to BO office in Gaziantep.

  1. Delivery locations:

Afrin and its rural areas


  1. Offer Submission:

RFQs shall be produced in separate signed, stamped and sealed envelopes and should clearly show bidders’ names, addresses and should hold bidders’ legal stamps if available.

To be addressed and submitted to BO office in:

  • Gaziantep (Emek, 19008. Sk. No:4, 27060 Şehitkamil/Gaziantep)


UP to 17.10.2019 , 17:00 Turkish Local Time, 

Offers received after this time will not be considered.

If there is any question please contact this mail, .

Bahar Log Team