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Ana Sayfaİhale DuyurularıProvide E-voucher System for Humanitarian Assistance Programs

Provide E-voucher System for Humanitarian Assistance Programs

 Provide E-voucher System for Humanitarian Assistance Programs



Bahar Organization (BO) is an independent, non-governmental, non-profit organization, working in the humanitarian field regardless of religion, ethnicity, or political view. Bahar is committed to the core standards for humanitarian work for organizations (SPHRE). Bahar contributes to the collective work of humanitarian response in Syria, by providing support to people affected by the conflict and reducing the burden on the shoulder of the hosting community through provisions of financial and in-kind support and laying the foundation for sustainable projects in order to increase the resilience of individuals of communities in the field of health, food security, non-food items and camps.


Subject of the tender:

 The objective for this tender is to provide a system that uses e-Vouchers to transfer humanitarian assistance to targeted beneficiaries in northwest Syria.

e-Vouchers can be used by BNFs to procure the allowable commodities from the assigned retailers (contracted with BAHAR). Where the E-voucher will be topped up with a specific value of cash on a monthly basis, and all operations of the e-Voucher will be monitored and tracked via one platform.


Vendors interested in this tender are kindly required to submit the related documents.


For any Questions/Request for Clarifications (RFC):


All document shall be submitted by 2 different Emails at:

1st email for the technical evaluation (all documents but the financial offer).

2nd email for the Financial offer only.

Deadline to submit offer is on 21nd of Jun  2021 (Monday) at 23:59, Turkey local time. Offers received after this time will not be considered.

  • Notes:
    • It is Bahar policy to ensure having the highest level of accountability and transparency in the procurement procedures, therefore, for any complaints on the procurement transaction, please reach out to the below email address:


specifications and all document required in the following link:


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