Pazar, Şubat 16, 2020

Tender: Economic Empowerment Programme Component

Economic Empowerment Programme Component


Contracting Authority                    SPARK

Component Title                             Economic Empowerment Programme

Area of Implementation                Gaziantep, Urfa and Hatay

Objective of the Component          Creating opportunities for students to find employment in their study area

Target                                                  Details mentioned in the main activities

Duration                                              Max. 5 months (start no later than March 1st, 2020)


  1. Background

SPARK is responding to the higher education crisis for Syrian refugees and vulnerable youth residing in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Iraq/KRG. A lack of opportunities can lead young adults into poverty, radicalisation or to take the dangerous journey to Europe.

Our Programme vision is unlocking a new generation of marginalized youth to become educated, professionally skilled and inspirational leaders of the future who can guide their families and communities toward cohesion and prosperity by building a cadre of educated and trained leaders who are civic-minded, intellectually able, and professionally skilled.

The programme, which targets Syrians under temporary protection (SuTP) and vulnerable youth in Turkey offers scholarship packages and vocational training. Moreover, the Programme also offers another component to be implemented by local partners in Turkey which is Economic Empowerment.

  1. Criteria for Submitting a Bid

2.1 Eligible applicants operating in the public or the private sector on a profit-making or non-profit making basis are welcome to submit a bid.

Applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Be legally registered and have actual operations in Turkey;
  • Be directly responsible for the preparation/ management/implementation of the project, i.e. not act as an intermediary;
  • Be experienced and able to show that they have the capacity needed to manage the activities on the scale of the project in question;
  • Be financially sound and financial continuity throughout the project.

2.2 Applicants must submit a bid on their own being the mere implementing body.

  1. Description of the Component

The objective of this component is to improve the employability of SPARK’s students, and/or graduates who are SuTP and vulnerable youth of the host community in Turkey by providing them with training on professional development and job skills, Internships/jobs opportunities as well as specialized technical certification programmes.  Selection for the institutes and training programmes will be directly related to the labour market needs and capacity, as well as the needs of the target group for employability.

Work Package 1: Internships / Employment Opportunities

The work package of internship and job placement is a very important segment of SPARK’s work to strengthen the skills of SPARK’s senior scholarship holders and prepare them for the labour market. Towards the end of their scholarships, traineeship and job placement services will be offered to them.

The selected partner will map potential internship and job opportunities for the students, based on their academic knowledge and the market needs. The next very important phase is to match the students with companies as well as the follow-up of their employment contract signature and work permits process. SPARK expects all internships and job placements to be formal.

After the matching process and prior to starting the internship or job in the company, students are offered training. The training offers soft skills that include: time management, performance management, how to overcome difficulties in a working place, business environment and culture, communication skills, how to write a CV, and etc. The training program needs to be tailored-made according to the beneficiaries’ needs, within the scope of soft skills. The main objective of these pieces of training is to provide students with interpersonal skills that would enable them to adapt to the labour environment. Proposals should include training methodology and the timeline of the training in details.

Work Pacakage2: Start-up Weekend

SPARK is proposing a set of activities to support its students towards their next career move. Therefore, we would like to propose an intensive weekend of activities to give our students first-hand experience of creating social innovation and enterprises. Additionally, this activity will introduce our future entrepreneurs to identify business opportunities and access resources.

In addition to the workshops and prototyping, during this weekend the entrepreneurs will have network opportunities. Entrepreneurship networks can have a profound impact on the development of individual entrepreneurial intentions and play a major role in the ability of individuals to identify business opportunities and access resources (e.g. finance entrepreneurship skills).


The expected overall timeline is as follows:

Work Package 1: Internships and Employment Opportunities
Activity Location Target Months
1 2 3 4 5  
Outreach to beneficiaries and companies Gaziantep Hatay Şanlıurfa    
Application and selection process Gaziantep Hatay Şanlıurfa              
Professional development and soft skills training


Gaziantep Up to 200            
Şanlıurfa Up to 100            
Hatay Up to 20            
Matching interns with companies and contract signature process Gaziantep Up to 15            
Şanlıurfa Up to 15            
Hatay Up to 5            


Work Package 2: Start-up Weekend
Activity Location Target Months
1 2 3 4 5  
Design thinking ideation Gaziantep Hatay Şanlıurfa 60  
Business model            
Financial planning for start-ups            


  1. Application Details

We are looking for partners who:

  • Have a reasonable experience in the fields of refugees and economic empowerment in general and employment/internship and start-ups in specific.
  • Are well-connected with the employment ecosystem;
  • Have added-value and advantage over competitors;
  • Are competitive budget-wise and can contribute to the success of the activities.
  • Ensure visibility and branding for the activities, students, and partners.


M&E tools and evaluation forms will be designed by SPARK. 

Letter of interest (max. 4 A4 pages in English) must detail the following:

  • Outlining a brief description of the expertise/portfolio for the applying agency in the fields of internship/employment services and/or trainings and start-up support;
  • Detailing why the applicant agency is a good candidate for this partnership based on programme design as indicated in this call;
  • Proposed activities and methodologies;
  • Proposed duration for implementing the activities;
  • Detailing regions in which the organization is able to operate;
  • Integrated reporting and communications plan, detailing timeframe for reporting and delivery of high-quality visual material covering all activities implemented;
  • Estimated efficient budget;



  • Budget breakdown in TL (i.e. covering activities, communications efforts and staff hours. The template will be provided by SPARK.)
  • Activity time frame (The template will be provided by SPARK.)
  • A portfolio of the applying agency in the field of Economic Empowerment (specifically related work package).
  • A sample of nominated trainers CVs (2 or 3 trainers)
  • Legal registration information in Turkey

Interested applicants may contact SPARK to receive the templates. Please note that shortlisted candidates will be asked to submit due diligence documents for the selection process.

Applications should be made for one work package only. Please provide the number and the title of the work package applied for in the subject-header. 

Application Closing Date: 19 Feb 2020

If you have any questions and/or to submit your letter of interest, please contact SPARK, via email: