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We For Women Presents: March Workshops

We for Women, MUDEM İrlanda Ofisi tarafından, göçmen kadınların sosyal ve mesleki becerilerini geliştirmek için kuruldu. We for Women atölyelerinin hepsi  İngilizce dilinde, ücretsiz ve çevrim içi gerçekleştiriliyor.

Mart ayı etkinliklerine  göçmen kadınların ve sivil toplum çalışanlarının katılımını bekliyoruz. Detaylı bilgi ve kayıt linkleri için tıklayın




We For Women Presents: March Workshops

We for Women is an inclusive “hive” where people come together to work towards integrating unemployed migrant women into the labor force through free training and mentoring.

We invite all refugee, asylum-seeking and migrant women in Ireland to our second series of workshops in March! This month we focused on entrepreneurship, promoting your work in digital platforms, and personal development.

We also encourage service providers, NGO workers, educators, volunteers and all active citizens (regardless of their gender and background) to attend these workshops to stay updated and improve their practice.

All workshops are free and held online. Registration is necessary to attend.

March Dates and Workshops:

3 March: Entrepreneurial Journey

9 March: Introduction to PR

18 March: How to Grow Your Business in Digital Era

24 March: Google Ads for Bee’ginners

30 March: IamRemarkable

To learn more about We for Women and March workshops check out our website:

Contact: If you have any questions, feel free to email

About We for Women:

We for Women is a welcoming and inclusive “hive” where everybody in Ireland meets for enhanced integration of unemployed migrant women into the labor force by equipping them with legal information, improving their social and professional skills, encouraging them and strengthening their English language through free training and mentoring.

We for Women is an initiative of the MUDEM Refugee Support Centre. MUDEM is an impartial and a not-for-profit association which principally aims to support meeting the needs of the migrants, refugees, and providing legal advice on access to social rights. For more information:

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