Cumartesi, Mayıs 8, 2021


2021/05/07Tender Notice: ADA-E-21777 Prefabricated Buildings & Tents2021-05-07 15:53:36
2021/05/07Tender Notice: ADA-E-21746 Smart Greenhouse2021-05-07 15:51:27
2021/05/07Tender Announcement of e-voucher2021-05-07 13:10:12
2021/05/07Invitation to Tender (ITT) Tender for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) Items for Healthcare Response within North-West Syria2021-05-07 11:57:36
2021/05/06TENDER NOTICE – 821-PR-210405 Electric Generators & 821-PR-210409 Medical Equipment2021-05-06 16:46:33
2021/05/06Call for Tender For: Ground insulation for 4000 tents2021-05-06 16:14:09
2021/05/06Araştırma Koordinatörü Danışmanlık Hizmeti Alımı2021-05-06 14:24:36
2021/05/06Tender Notice: Third party monitoring and evaluation services in NW Syria2021-05-06 11:34:54
2021/05/06Eğitim Materyallari Basımı İhalesi2021-05-06 10:43:30
2021/05/06Beslenme, Temizlik ve Ambalaj Hizmeti İhalesi2021-05-06 10:40:48
2021/05/05Tender invitation for purchasing A stationery group for students of the Tasmim project in Idlib and Izaz2021-05-05 20:36:22
2021/05/05CARE Turkey invites interested companies to take part in the tender for Provision of E-Voucher System2021-05-05 16:24:51
2021/05/05Request for Proposal for Delivery of Advanced Procurement Management Training2021-05-05 15:04:18
2021/05/05Tender for Receiving Competitive Bids for Construction of Housing Units in Albil Area/ Aleppo Governorate2021-05-05 14:48:57
2021/05/05RFQ-IST-2021-0122” for establishing an agreement for Consultancy for Organizing an Online Job Fair2021-05-05 14:02:43
2021/05/05Sosyal Girişimcilik, Güçlendirme ve Uyum Projesi – Bireysel Danışman Alım İlanı2021-05-05 13:00:23
2021/05/04REQUEST FOR QUOTATION Contractıng  wıth a media company for project visibility actıvıtes 2021-05-04 17:35:14
2021/05/04Medikal Cihaz Satın Alım İhalesi2021-05-04 13:35:41
2021/05/04TOMER Exam and Language Courses – FWA/URF/0421/1092021-05-04 13:09:25
2021/05/04Tender: Enhancement of the Existing DMS for Monitoring Energy and Industry GHG Emissions2021-05-04 10:26:22
2021/05/04Malteser International is looking for a Consultant (m/f/d) to perform a mid-term evaluation of the German Federal Foreign Ministry funded project2021-05-04 09:09:56
2021/05/03Medikal Cihaz Satın Alım İhalesi2021-05-03 16:38:51
2021/05/03Purchasing general Medication/ Medical Equipment Purchasing2021-05-03 16:21:26
2021/05/03CARE Turkey invites interested companies to take part in the Occupational Health and Safety Service2021-05-03 14:24:08
2021/05/03AGILE CONSULTANCY & COACHING SERVICE2021-05-03 11:14:58
2021/05/01Tender Announcement: Replacing the Deteriorated Rub Hall Covers )fabric( in Azaz RC (only the Surface Cover, and the Two Sides Elevations Covers).2021-05-01 17:15:14
2021/05/01Request for Quotation (RFQ) For Evaluation of GOAL Syria In-house Investigations Process REF: JOR-M&E-219772021-05-01 09:00:34
2021/04/30Advertisement – RFQ for Project Cycle Management Training2021-04-30 16:24:20
2021/04/30Request for Proposal for Delivery of Fundraising Training for CSO staff2021-04-30 15:56:35
2021/04/30Request for Proposal for Delivery of Humanitarian Project Cycle Management Training for local NGOs in Turkey2021-04-30 15:55:06
2021/04/30Tender invitation for purchasing Educational Tents for Azm Project2021-04-30 15:00:38
2021/04/30Tender: Consultancy Service for Database Development and Maintenance2021-04-30 13:06:14
2021/04/29GOAL invites prospective suppliers to submit their bids for Service, Supply and delivery of IT and Telecommunications equipment, spare parts & Consumables2021-04-29 17:00:47
2021/04/29Call for tender for Provision Fuel, engine oil, chlorine and filters2021-04-29 14:38:09
2021/04/29National Call for Tender: Rehabilitation od 6 schools – 6 Okulun Tadilatı Gaziantep, Şanlıurfa, Kilis2021-04-29 11:37:56
2021/04/28CARE Turkey invites interested companies to take part in the tender2021-04-28 14:21:30
2021/04/28CARE Turkey is conducting an RFI process, to extend its pool of potential vendors for upcoming procurements of goods and services to be delivered to Gaziantep, Urfa and Adana offices2021-04-28 11:22:21
2021/04/28International Tender: Laptop Computers for VHS students2021-04-28 09:00:23
2021/04/26Kız Kardeşim Projesi Sosyal Etki Analizi Hizmet Alım Duyurusu2021-04-26 20:12:26
2021/04/26Tender Application documents for PR # 21-20-4-583 Initiate FWA for Construction and maintenance works of Sewage Networks2021-04-26 16:33:42
2021/04/21Adana Sanayi Odası Hizmet Alımı için İhale İlanı2021-04-21 09:00:24
2021/04/16Tender Application documents for PR # 21-20-4-566 Initiate Framework Agreement for procuring medications for Shafak health facilities2021-04-16 13:03:58
2021/04/14(DEADLINE Extended !! )Tender#WOS 21-03  PR:21/062 Pharmaceuticals Tender2021-04-14 13:35:24
2021/04/13Hackathon & Fikir Maratonu Etkinlikleri ve Teknoloji Eğitimleri Hizmet Alımı2021-04-13 13:51:38
2021/04/07Call for tender for Solid waste collection service2021-04-07 15:52:33
2021/04/07Call for tender for Water trucking2021-04-07 15:26:24
2020/03/20Announcement from WATAN Logistics Department2020-03-20 15:58:05
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