Perşembe, Mayıs 23, 2024

ALKAN GROUP – Specialty Vehicles

Alkan Group has executed mobile projects in over 10 countries throughout the world with focusing on helping governments deal with the following challenges: Natural disasters, Earthquakes, Population displacement, Migration camp, Blood donating, Healthcare education, Demonstrations, Road show.

We provide mobile solutions

▰ Alkan Group, which started to serve the Turkish industry with the production of agricultural trailers in 1959, has completed its 61st year in business life.

▰  ALKAN is the tradition of transferring smooth, unlimited and continuous customer service satisfaction to new generations with the power and energy it takes from you to be the leader and determiner of its sector in order to always create services and innovations for the future.

▰  ALKAN Team is including many talented experts who have worked at the highest strategic and operational levels in the engineering, designing and medical sectors.

▰  Today, ALKAN is the foremost innovator in the field of integrated, deployable healthcare projects which have a proven record of reliability and performance in various applications and environmental conditions.