Salı, Mayıs 21, 2024

Request for Tender: External Annual Audit Service (LTA)

Request for Tender

“External Annual Audit Service (LTA)”


White Helmets seeks to contract with a supplier(s) External Annual Audit Service. According to the terms and procedures of the supply process.


PR Number:  PR-2024-GZP-100-617.

Start date: 07 / May /2024.

End date: 21/May/2024 Time: 16:00.


Those who are interested to submit Offers must request the process file from the procurement team at The White Helmets by requesting it from the following email:


Or they can get the file via the following link:


  • The bidder must submit the financial offer and the technical offer by Separate Envelopes/Mails, otherwise the offer will be
  • Tender documents:

              Technical Offer (from page 1 to page 9) + Official documents of the company and registration:

  • The Tender documents and technical offer must be placed in a separate envelope/Emails without a financial offer.

              Financial offer (page 10):

  • The financial offer must be placed in a separate envelope/Emails without a Tender documents and technical offer.
  • A signed and stamped financial envelope should contain the RFQ form (Page 10) filled in by the contractor with the unit price and the total price and the rest of the required information.

Bids must clearly show the names, addresses and telephone numbers of the bidder and bear the legal stamp of the bidder and be submitted to the address mentioned below before the end of the announcement on   21/May/2024 at 16:00.

Please note that offers received after the deadline for submission of offers will be rejected.


Bids submitting:

  • For the offer that will be sent in a sealed envelope must be with the tender code indicated on it and the name of the bidder to the following address:

             Address: Pancarlı Mah. Kermanşah Caddesi. No:33 Şehitkamil/ Gaziantep


  • For the offer that will be sent By Email must be sent to:, otherwise the offer will be Rejected.


For more information and clarifications about this tender and its requirements, please contact the following email: